Trailer: Who is Marthe Vogt and what this podcast is about

Welcome to the Marthe Vogt Podcast! From this short episode, you will learn about the idea and creators of the Marthe Vogt podcast and what you, as a listener, can expect from it. We'll also take a quick historical tour to learn about Marthe Vogt - who she was, how she contributed to science, and why we decided to name the podcast after her.


It is hard to argue nowadays about the importance of diversity and, in particular, the importance of women in scientific research. FVB implements various measures aiming to support women at each career stage in science. Among them is a tradition each autumn for already nineteen years to present the Marthe Vogt Award to a young outstanding female researcher. The goal of the Marthe Vogt award is to encourage talented young women to stay in academic research and increase the visibility of women in science in general.

However, we also believe that raising the visibility of women in science and creating new role models for the younger generation should be done continuously and not just once a year. This is why we came with an idea to create a podcast that features remarkable female researchers from our institutes. In this podcast, we would like to give a stage to those who are only at the early stage of their scientific career -  doctoral students, postdocs, and junior scientists.

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Podcast moderator and editor: Natalia Stolyarchuk.