Whistleblower Protection

Internal Reporting Office

Whistleblower protection and whistleblowing: If you have something to tell us

    Compliance with legal requirements, internal regulations and a large number of professional principles of conduct is a top priority at Forschungsverbund Berlin.e.V.. The reputation and scientific success of our research institutes requires integrity in every respect. Various internal and external control mechanisms are in place to detect and prevent possible misconduct by our own employees or by organisations and companies associated with us. Our whistleblower system is also part of these mechanisms.


    Who can submit a report?

    Employees and all persons associated with our work can easily, quickly and securely report possible violations of certain laws or other regulations.


    How can a report be submitted?

    You have the following options for submitting a report:

    • by telephone: 030 6392 3335
    • by e-mail: boehnkefv-berlin.de
    • if you wish, you can also meet with one of our counsellors in person
    • a reporting portal will also be set up soon for anonymous reports



    The proper, independent and rapid processing of your report is fully guaranteed via our reporting channels. Your report will be treated in strict confidence throughout the entire process.


    What happens to a report?

    After receiving your report, we proceed as follows:

    • confirmation of receipt of your notification within seven days at the latest (Section 17 (1) HinSchG)
    • check whether your report falls within the material scope of application (Section 2 HinSchG)
    • check whether your reported offence is valid
    • if necessary, we will ask you for further information
    • feedback to the whistleblower (Section 17 (2) HinSchG)
    • initiate appropriate follow-up measures (depending on the report, this may include further internal investigations and discussions or referral to another responsible body within or outside the Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V.)
    • feedback to you on follow-up measures taken or planned and the reasons for them - after three months at the latest (Section 17 (2) HinSchG)


    Other reporting centres?

    You can contact the following central external official reporting centre directly:


    Joint administration and all Institutes
    Martin Böhnke
    Tel. 030 6392 3335
    E-Mail boehnkefv-berlin.de