EU Office

The EU Office is part of the Finance and Accounting Department in FVBs Joint Administration. It provides information and advice on European research funding and assists all FVB scientists involved in EU proposals and ongoing EU projects.

The scientists working in our institutes have been successfully involved in European research programs for a long time. On these pages you will find EU projects with the participation of the Forschungsverbund Berlin as well as information about Horizon Europe, the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Open calls for proposals within Horizon Europe and related areas, relevant events and external contact points are provided, supplemented by web links to additional funding agencies, foundations and charities.

In the download area (internal) FVB guidance notes and further EU-related documents are provided.


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Horizont Europa / Horizon Europe

On this site you will find information on Horizon Europe, the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. There are links to the EU Funding & Tenders Portal, to different programme sections, to search facilities for ongoing projects, and you will find position papers and guidance documents.

Horizon Europe is the EUs key funding programme for research and innovation with a budget of 95.5 billion Euro for seven years (2021-2027). It comprises the three main pillars Excellent Science (including the European Research Council and the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions), Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness and Innovative Europe.

Useful links

  • ERC European Research Council
  • MSCA Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
  • ESFRI European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures
  • EIT European Institute of Innovation & Technology
  • European Partnerships

General EU information

Position Paper

  • 10/2018 Leibniz position on the Horizon Europe proposal
  • 02/2018 Berliner Stellungnahme zum zukünftigen EU-Rahmenprogramm für Forschung und Innovation FP9
  • 02/2018 Berlin position paper on the future EU framework program for research and innovation FP9
  • 01/2017 Leibniz contribution to H2020 interim evaluation
  • 12/2016 Berliner Positionspapier zur Zukunft der EU-Rahmenprogramme
  • 12/2016 Berlin position paper on the future of the EU framework programmes
  • 05/2015 Leibniz declaration of endorsement Charter & Code

Guidance documents

EU-Ausschreibungen / EU Calls

Here you will find calls for proposals within Horizon Europe and related areas.

Open calls for proposals (Documents, guidelines and further information)
Joint calls of Public-Public Partnerships (Calendar showing the calls from ERA-Nets, JPIs etc.)
Open calls for third parties (Competitive calls in on-going projects)

BMBF-Anschubfinanzierung für Verbundvorhaben im Rahmen von Horizont Europa (Stichtage 31. Mai 2021, 30. September 2021, 31. Januar 2022, 31. Mai 2022,
30. September 2022, 31. Januar 2023, 31. Mai 2023, 30. September 2023)


ERC - European Research Council

  • Synergy Grants (deadline 10 November 2021)
  • Starting Grants (deadline 13 January 2022)
  • Consolidator Grants (deadline 17 March 2022)
  • Advanced Grants (deadline 28 April 2022)

MSCA - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

Research infrastructures

Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness

Innovative Europe

Widening Participation and Strengthening the European Research Area

Further areas / Partnerships

Veranstaltungen / Events

On this page you will find links to relevant conferences, workshops, and webinars providing information on European funding opportunities.
           See here for more events published by EU-Büro des BMBF and KoWi.


18       NCP ERC Online seminar on the ERC Starting and Consolidator Grants 2022 (14:00-15:30)
20       KoWi-Informationsveranstaltung Die Antragstellung bei den Marie Skłodowska-Curie Staff Exchanges (10:00-12:40)
27       EU Webinar Consortium Agreements (10:30-12:00)


03       EU Webinar Effective IP and Outreach Strategies Help Increase the Impact of Research and Innovation (10:30-11:30)
09       EU Webinar IP in EU funded projects with a special focus on MSCA (10:30-12:00)


08       EU Webinar Impact and Innovation in EU funded projects - A guide for proposers (10:30-12:00)

Laufende EU-Projekte des FVB / Ongoing EU projects of FVB

In the following the FVB's ongoing Horizon 2020 projects are shown. Already completed FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects are listed in the next section.

European Research Council (ERC)

ERC Starting Grants

NEMOCRYS Next Generation Multiphysical Models for Crystal Growth Processes, Kaspars Dadzis, IKZ

NONABVD Nonadiabaticity in Biomolecular Vibrational Dynamics, Benjamin P. Fingerhut, MBI

SynLink Revealing the Synapse Architecture and Plasticity by Structural Interactomics, Fan Liu, FMP

ERC Consolidator Grants

c-TSD-p Time-Resolved Structural Imaging of Chemical Transition State Dynamics, Jochen Mikosch, MBI

GPSART Geometric aspects in pathwise stochastic analysis and related topics, Peter Karl Friz, WIAS/TU Berlin

ERC Advanced Grants

BIOVIB Electric Interactions and Structural Dynamics of Hydrated Biomolecules Mapped by Ultrafast Vibrational Probes, Thomas Elsässer, MBI

SynapseBuild Mechanisms of Presynaptic Biogenesis and Dynamic Remodeling, Volker Haucke, FMP

VOLSIGNAL Volume regulation and extracellular signalling by anion channels, Thomas J. Jentsch, FMP

XRayProton Ultrafast Structural Dynamics of Elementary Water-Mediated Proton Transport Processes, Erik T. J. Nibbering, MBI

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)

MSCA Networks

ATLANTIC Advanced theoretical network for modeling light matter interactIon, RISE, MBI (partner)

EUROFLOW A EUROpean training and research network for environmental FLOW management in river basins, ETN, IGB (partner)

EUROVA European Oocyte Biology Research Innovation Training Net, ETN, IZW (partner)

HiFreq Smart high-frequency environmental sensor networks for quantifying nonlinear hydrological process dynamics across spatial scales, RISE, IGB (partner)

MANTEL Management of Climatic Extreme Events in Lakes Reservoirs for the Protection of Ecosystem Services, EJD, IGB (partner)

RecaP Capture, recycling and societal management of phosphorus in the environment, ITN, IGB (partner)

ROMSOC Reduced Order Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of Coupled systems, EID, WIAS (partner)

SMART-X Study of carrier transport in MAterials by time-Resolved specTroscopy with ultrashort soft X-ray light, ETN, MBI (partner)

MSCA Individual Grants

LYSOKIN Architecture and regulation of PI3KC2β lipid kinase complex for nutrient signaling at the lysosome, IF-EF-ST, FMP

OCOCAMKS Optical control of CaMKII signaling, IF-EF-ST, FMP

Collaborative Projects

AQUACOSM Network of Leading European AQUAtic MesoCOSM Facilities Connecting Mountains to Oceans from the Arctic to the Mediterranean, RIA, IGB (coordinator)

AQUACOSM-plus Network of Leading Ecosystem Scale Experimental AQUAtic MesoCOSM Facilities Connecting Rivers, Lakes, Estuaries and Oceans in Europe and beyond,
     RIA, IGB (coordinator)

Laserlab Europe The Integrated Initiative of European Laser Research Infrastructures, RIA, MBI (project office)

ACTION Participatory science toolkit against pollution, RIA, IGB (partner)

BeforeHand Boosting Performance of Phase Change Devices by Hetero- and Nano-Structure Material Design, RIA, PDI (partner)

CARLA The European Photonics CAReer LAunch Path, CSA, MB (partner)

ERA-PLANET The European network for observing our changing planet, ERA-Net Cofund, IGB (partner)

ERGO Breaking down the wall between human health and environmental testing of endocrine disrupters: EndocRine Guideline Optimisation, RIA, IGB (partner)

EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE Ensuring long-term sustainability of excellence in chemical biology within Europe and beyond, RIA, FMP (partner)

FIThydro Fishfriendly Innovative Technologies for Hydropower, RIA, IGB (partner)

OPTOlogic Optical Topologic Logic, RIA, MBI (partner)

PlasticsFatE Plastics fate and effects in the human body, RIA, IGB (partner)

PONDERFUL POND Ecosystems for Resilient FUture Landscapes in a changing climate, RIA, IGB (partner)

Water-ForCE Water scenarios For Copernicus Exploitation, CSA, IGB (partner)


ECOSLIGHT Environmentally Conscious Smart Lighting, IGB (partner)

Abgeschlossene EU-Projekte des FVB / Completed EU projects of FVB

In this section the FVB's completed FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects are shown.

European Research Council (ERC)

ERC Starting Grants

assemblyNMR 3D structures of bacterial supramolecular assemblies by solid-state NMR, Adam Lange, FMP

BiosensorImaging Hyperpolarized Biosensors in Molecular Imaging, Leif Schröder, FMP

ENTROPHASE Entropy formulation of evolutionary phase transitions, Elisabetta Rocca, WIAS

EPSILON Elliptic Pdes and Symmetry of Interfaces and Layers for Odd Nonlinearities, Enrico Valdinoci, WIAS

FLUFLUX Fluvial Meta-Ecosystem Functioning: Unravelling Regional Ecological Controls Behind Fluvial Carbon Fluxes, Gabriel Singer, IGB

RPT Rough path theory, differential equations and stochastic analysis, Peter Karl Friz, WIAS

VeWa Vegetation effects on water flow and mixing in high-latitude ecosystems–Capability of headwater catchments to mediate potential climate change, Dörthe Tetzlaff, IGB

ERC Consolidator Grants

GLUACTIVE The Activation Mechanism of a Glutamate Receptor, Andrew Plested, FMP

NeuroInCellNMR In-cell NMR monitoring of alpha-synuclein aggregation in neuronal cells, Philipp Selenko, FMP

ERC Advanced Grants

AnaMultiScale Analysis of Multiscale Systems Driven by Functionals, Alexander Mielke, WIAS

CYTOVOLION Ion homeostasis and volume regulation of cells and organelles, Thomas J. Jentsch, FMP

ULTRADYNE Ultrafast dynamics of hydrogen bonded structures in condensed matter, Thomas Elsässer, MBI

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)

MSCA Networks

ASPIRE Angular Studies of Photoelectron in Innovative Research Environments, ETN, MBI (partner)

ATTOFEL Ultrafast Dynamics using ATTosecond and XUV Free Electron Laser Sources, ITN, MBI (coordinator)

HypoTRAIN Hyporheic Zone Processes: A training network for enhancing the understanding of complex physical, chemical and biological process interactions, ETN, IGB

Inspire4Nature INternational training at the Science-Policy Interface for Researchers in Europe, for Nature, ETN, IGB (partner)

JMAP Joint Max Born Institute - Amplitude Phd Program, EID, MBI (coordinator)

MIMESIS Mathematics and Materials Science for Steel Production and Manufacturing, EID, WIAS (coordinator)

SINOPLE Surface engineered InGaN heterostructures on N-polar and nonpolar GaN-substrates for green light emitters, IAPP, IKZ (coordinator)

SPRInG Short Period Superlattices for Rational (In,Ga)N, EID, PDI (coordinator)

CORINF Correlated Multielectron Dynamics in Intense Light Fields, ITN, MBI (partner)

IMPRESS Improved production strategies for endangered freshwater species, ETN, IGB (partner)

INTERFACES Ecohydrological interfaces as critical hotspots for transformations of ecosystem exchange fluxes, ETN, IGB (partner)

MEDEA Molecular Electron Dynamics investigated by Intense Fields and Attosecond Pulses, ETN, MBI (partner)

Mid-TECH Infrared sensing made visible: Combining infrared light sources and upconversion sensors for improved sensitivity in medical applications and gas analysis, ETN,
     FBH (partner)

Phd Deciphering PI3K biology in health and disease, ETN, FMP (partner)

PROPHET Postgraduate Research on Photonics as an Enabling Technology, ITN, WIAS (partner)

SAWtrain Dynamic electromechanical control of semiconductor nanostructures by acoustic fields, ETN, PDI (partner)

SENSORFISH Intelligent Sensor Network and System Technologies for Fish Farming, IRSES, IGB (partner)

SBMPs Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins, ETN, FMP (partner)

MSCA Individual Grants

BT-LH Link The consequences of the joint individual variation in size specific life histories and behavioural types, IF, IGB

CLITEMP Climate change effects on aquatic and terrestrial invertebrate assemblages in European rivers: the influence of duration of dry period in temporary rivers, IEF, IGB

CONVGENOMS The genomic basis of convergent evolution in modern sloths (Xenarthra, Mammalia), IF-EF, IZW

FISH&FISHERS The role of the behavioural interactions between fish and fishers on fisheries sustainability, IEF, IGB

FLOODPLAINEVOLUTION An Evolutionary Approach to Biodiversity Conservation: Riverine Floodplains of the European Alps as a Model System, IIF, IGB

HUMADE Structural and functional biodiversity of humic matter degrading freshwater microbial communities, IRG, IGB

INPhAS Fluctuation-Induced Interactions at the Interface between Photons, Atoms and Solids, CIG, MBI

LASER-ION ACCELERATO Optimal ion acceleration at the interaction of super-intense profiled laser pulse with mass limited targets, IIF, MBI

PISARSCoV Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS): design, synthesis, identification, and evaluation of novel non-peptidic inhibitors of main protease employing dynamic
     ligation screening (DLS), IF, FMP

S-DODGR Structure and dynamics of desensitization in glutamate receptors, IF, FMP

SYNPT The role of autophagy in presynaptic protein turnover, IF, FMP

TDL2Ho Thin-disk lasers for the 2-micron spectral range based on Ho-doped monoclinic double-tungstate epitaxial structures, IF, MBI

THzPowerElectronics Enabling Technologies for High Power Terahertz Electronic Circuitry, CIG, FBH

Collaborative Projects

BIOFRESH Biodiversity of Freshwater Ecosystems: Status, Trends, Pressures, and Conservation Priorities, CP, IGB (coordinator)

EU-OPENSCREEN European Infrastructure of Open Screening Platforms for Chemical Biology, CP-CSA, FMP (coordinator)

HiPoSwitch GaN-based normally-off high power switching transistor for efficient power converters, CP, FBH (coordinator)

INAPRO Innovative model and demonstration based water management for resource efficiency in integrated multitrophic agriculture and aquaculture systems, CP, IGB

LASERLAB-EUROPE CONT European Laser Laboratories Integrated Initiative Continued, CSA, MBI (coordinator)

LASERLAB-EUROPE II The Integrated Initiative of European Laser Research Infrastructures II, CP-CSA, MBI (coordinator)

LASERLAB-EUROPE III The Integrated Initiative of European Laser Research Infrastructures III, CP-CSA, MBI (coordinator)

LASERLAB-EUROPE IV The Integrated Initiative of European Laser Research Infrastructures IV, CP-CSA, MBI (partner)

MIRSURG Mid-Infrared Solid-State Laser Systems for Minimally Invasive Surgery, CP, MBI (coordinator)

ALIGHT AlGaInN materials on semi-polar templates for yellow emission in solid state lighting applications, CP, FBH (partner)

ANTIFLU Innovative anti-influenza drugs excluding viral escape, CP, FMP (partner)

AQUACROSS Knowledge, Assessment, and Management for AQUAtic Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services aCROSS EU policies, RIA, IGB (partner)

BioMedBridges Building data bridges between biological and medical infrastructures in Europe, CP-CSA, FMP (partner)

Bio-NMR NMR for Structural Biology, CP-CSA, FMP (partner)

BRIDLE BRilliant Industrial Diode LasEr, CP, FBH (partner)

CHEETAH Cost-reduction through material optimisation and Higher EnErgy outpuT of solAr pHotovoltaic modules - joining Europe’s Research and Development efforts in
     support of its PV industry, CP-CSA, IKZ (partner)

CORBEL Coordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-sciences Services, RIA, FMP (partner)

DEEPEN From atom-to-Device Explicit simulation Environment for Photonics and Electronics Nanostructures, CP, PDI (partner)

EDICT European Drug Initiative on Channels and Transporters, CP, FMP (partner)

EMBRIC European Marine Biological Research Infrastructure Cluster to promote the Blue Bioeconomy, RIA, FMP (partner)

ENSEMBLE ENgineered SElf-organized Multi-component structures with novel controllaBLe Electromagnetic functionalities, CP, IKZ (partner)

EPISODE Exploiting the Potential of Structural Biology through NMR and Associated Technologies - Opportunities for Economic Development of Pharma/Biotech in Tuscany,
     Berlin-Brandenburg and Beyond, CSA, FMP (partner)

ErBeStA Error-Proof Optical Bell-State Analyzer, RIA, FBH (partner)

E-TRACK EGNOS and EDAS Enhanced Tracking of Animal Movement and Behaviour, CP, IZW (partner)

FAMOS Functional anatomical molecular optical screening, CP, FBH (partner)

FLAME Femtosecond Light Amplifiers in the Megahertz regime, SME, MBI (partner)

GANSAT GaN powered Ka-band high-efficiency multi-beam transceivers for SATellites, CP, FBH (partner)

GoPhoton! Photonics for everyone, CSA, FBH (partner)

HIPER European High Power Laser Energy Research Facility (Preparatory Phase Study), CP-CSA, MBI (partner)

iNEXT Infrastructure for NMR, EM and X-ray crystallography for translational research, RIA, FMP (partner)

iSense Integrated Quantum Sensors, CP, FBH (partner)

JUSTBRAIN Blood-brain barrier junctions as targets for paracellular drug delivery to the brain, CP, FMP (partner)

MARS Managing Aquatic ecosystems and water Resources under multiple Stress, CP, IGB (partner)

MASH Massive Sets of Heuristics for Machine Learning, CP, WIAS (partner)

MD3 Material Development for Double exposure and Double patterning, CP, WIAS (partner)

MIB Multi-modal, Endoscopic Biophotonic Imaging of Bladder Cancer for Point-of-Care Diagnosis, RIA, FBH (partner)

MIDAS Multidimensional Spectroscopy at the Attosecond frontier, ERC, MBI (partner)

MIRAGE Mediterranean Intermittent River Management, CP, IGB (partner)

MolDiag-PaCa Novel molecular diagnostic tools for the prevention and diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, CP, FMP (partner)

PASTRY Phase Change Memory Advanced universal Switches through Thin alteRnating laYers, CP, PDI (partner)

PHABLABS 4.0 PHotonics enhanced fAB LABS supporting the next revolution in digitalization, CSA, FBH (partner)

REFORM REstoring rivers FOR effective catchment Management, CP, IGB (partner)

REFRESH Adaptive Strategies to Mitigate the Impacts of Climate Change on European Freshwater Ecosystems, CP, IGB (partner)

SMASH Smart Nanostructured Semiconductors for Energy-Saving Light Solutions, CP, PDI (partner)

STARS4ALL A Collective Awareness Platform for Promoting Dark Skies in Europe, RIA, IGB (partner)

TERAWAY Terahertz technology for ultra-broadband and ultra-wideband operation of backhaul and fronthaul links in systems with SDN management of network and radio
     resources, RIA, FBH (partner)

ULTRAWAVE Ultra capacity wireless layer beyond 100 GHz based on millimeter wave Traveling Wave Tubes, RIA, FBH (partner)

WISER Water bodies in Europe: Integrative Systems to assess Ecological status and Recovery, CP, IGB (partner)