The Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V.

FVB is Berlin’s largest non-university research institution. It comprises eight institutes that conduct cutting-edge research in the fields of natural, engineering, life and environmental sciences. Their successes are evident in outstanding evaluations, the numerous ERC Grants awarded, and their involvement in four clusters of excellence.

The institutes under the umbrella of the Forschungsverbund Berlin are members of the Leibniz Association, and are funded jointly by the German federation and the federal states. FVB provides its eight institutes with a Joint Administration, creating key synergies in science, administration and governance.


Excellent research, organized efficiently.

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Verbundjournal 113/2019

CROSSING BORDERS | Can artificial intelligence make better crystals? | Gene mutation in the chloride channel causes high blood pressure | Ecologically intact rivers are worth billions to four European countries ...

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