Press Release | FVB | 09-05-2019

Top-notch training at the Forschungsverbund Berlin

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) has awarded the Joint Administration of the Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V. (FVB) the label for “Excellent Training Quality”. This label is awarded in recognition of the outstanding quality of training provided to apprentices employed in the FVB Administration. As yet, a mere hundred of Berlin’s 5,451 apprenticing companies have received such certification.

Apprentices and vocational trainers at the FVB | Ralf Günther

“At the Forschungsverbund Berlin, we attach particular importance to providing our staff with excellent apprenticeships and career development opportunities,” explained Dr. Manuela Urban, Managing Director of FVB. “Being a research institution with scholars from all over the world, we are well aware of the significance of constant change, complex tasks, and the grand challenges facing society. Without this outstanding training, continuous development and, above all, our employees’ strong commitment, it would be impossible to meet these challenges.”

The Forschungsverbund Berlin, comprising eight Leibniz institutes, offers a total of eleven apprenticeship vocations. The FVB Joint Administration, which was awarded the IHK label, trains apprenticeships to become Office Management Assistants and IT Systems Integration Specialists. FVB currently employs 37 apprentices.

FVB is Berlin’s largest non-university research facility. The FVB institutes conduct cutting-edge research in the natural sciences, life sciences, environmental sciences and engineering. The alliance covers a wide spectrum of scientific activity, from laser research for state-of-the-art medical applications and high-tech applications to crystals for computer chips, from new compounds for medical therapies to biodiversity protection.


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